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Cost effective digital solution to provide a fully branded online portal for Med Ed symposia or PR media event. Capture all your speakers video presentations with synchronized PPT, biographies and other supporting documents.

Efficiency – Working with a tried and tested platform reduces timelines. Achieve rapid post-congress publication

Flexible – Branded with your logo and colours. Unique domain name and scalable – add future speakers and meetings

Secure – Secure log-in password and hosting. ‘Measure of success’ – collection of user data

Technical – Mobile responsive for desktop, iPhone and tablet . Easy for Reps and MSLs to access through link and password


  • Video filming on location
  • PPT syncing and editing
  • Interviews and subtitles
  • Biographies
  • Resource toolkit area
  • Offline application
  • Login and password
  • Hosting and data collection

  • Client: Takeda
  • Author URI:
  • Release Date: 24/06/2016